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Wonder Girls: U.S.A - Part 1
Reporter : Han Yeo-Wool.
Editor : Jessica Kim.

Wonder Girls leader Sun said, "I'm nervous as if we're newcomers" and Sohee said, "I've been thinking of our mindset from when we were newcomers." Wonder Girls, making a comeback with their first studio album in four years in Korea, after leaving for the U.S. when at the height of their career back home, are probably more nervous than when they made their debut in 2007. Because while they focused on their career in the U.S., many Korean girl groups gained popularity and expanded their career overseas. Hence the Wonder Girls that media outlets met with at a press conference held on November 4 could not hide their nervousness and excitement. Yet they had also learned as much while in the U.S. and were eager for their activities in Korea. The result of their hard work and steadily gained experience may not show immediately yet they seemed to stay faithful to what is going on for them now. Below are excerpts from the press conference.
U.S. debut album

Sun: We've been working on it for a year now. And every song we received while working with famed producers was so great that we wanted to set each song as the title track. We've already finished recording about ten songs. The album will probably come out in time with the release of our movie. In Korea, you need to go on televised music shows when your album comes out but in the U.S., you need to have your song played on the radio a lot first and tour the U.S. to get to appear on TV. We don't have any detailed plans as of yet but I think this is the system we'll move by as well.

American musicians
Yenny: We worked with David Stewart of Eurythmics. And we met Katy Perry at a concert and from her we learned how to stage a performance. Through the Jonas Brothers tour we learned about the various stage settings and how and to what sort of music the American audience responds.

Choreographer Jonte
Yenny: Jonte is the person who made the choreography for Beyonce's "Single Ladies" and we had a lot of fun working with him. He made a lot of the choreography for our U.S. movie as well and it was nice to work with him because he's always cheerful. We had a lot of fun working with him.

What we gained in the U.S.
Yenny: Living in the U.S. has had a lot of influence on our music. We spent a lot of time among the public and met with people from a variety of countries while going to clubs by ourselves and going to eat good food. We also came in touch with various genres of music by listening to South American music when we met with South American people and European music when we met with European people.
Yubin: Rock is more popular in the U.S. than in Korea so we listened to a lot of rock music.

"WonderGirls at the Apollo"
Yenny: It's our movie which will get released in the U.S. next year. It was almost all of our first times acting except for Sohee. And the movie itself was about us just having gone to the U.S. from Korea but there was so much slang in the script that we didn't know. It was hard to pronounce our lines as well since we're not from the U.S. We had a hard time fixing our pronunciations. [laughs]

Yubin: With singing, you pour out all of your energy for three minutes so it was difficult to maintain a single emotion a number of times for acting. I think actors are amazing.
Yenny: I played myself but I also became my character a lot too. Singing and acting in particular seem to help each other a lot. In the U.S., our act ing teacher would tell us to sing before acting when we're taking our acting classes and our singing teacher would tell us to act before we sing. Singing would help us understand our lines when we don't understand them and acting as if we were singing helped us too.

Meeting fans
Sun: I think it was after we were done with touring with the Jonas Brothers. I was at a library in New York with no make-up when an African-American woman recognized me and asked for my autograph. She'd already been interested in K-pop but it was amazing to see that something that would only happen in Korea happen to me there.
Yubin: My father does business in the U.S and his partner's daughter knew us. So I once gave her a CD with our autographs. It was amazing to see that young people recognized us too.

Pursuing activities in the U.S.
Sun: Our U.S. debut actually got decided on pretty quickly. It's been two and a half years but it feels like we're on an unending road. And regardless of the results we've seen, there've been a lot of precious moments. So we're looking forward to there being more 'wonderous' moments in the future. We asked "Are U Ready?" in the teaser for our album which we weren't asking just to our fans but to ourselves as well. It was a time during which we were able to learn English and a lot mentally as well.
Lim: Personally, I didn't know we'd get to pursue our singing career in the U.S. so I hadn't thought of it ever happening. But I think my dreams regarding the U.S. have been growing since joining the Wonder Girls. I've learned things regarding their culture while working with a lot of people there and I increasingly want to keep working there. I hope that we'll continue to do a lot in the U.S.
Sohee: I started at this job at a young age so I've had less time to study than kids my age. And both my parents and I are really disappointed about this. But it's also been great getting to learn English while working in the U.S. I would've probably neglected both my studies and learning English had we continued work only in Korea. And in the past, we hadn't had time to spend with each other because we were so busy but we live in the same building in the U.S. now so it's been good to be able to talk to each other a lot and depend on each other.
Yenny: Debuting in the U.S. had been my dream even before I joined our agency. I'd also looked up a lot of videos on American artists so getting to pursue our activities in the U.S. has been the process of achieving my dream. I've been able to learn a lot from the artists and producers we've worked with and I've come to value our fans even more.
Yubin: We've learned a lot of new things while working with a lot of artists and it was nice to get to look at performances from a new perspective from doing a lot of concerts. I'm also very grateful to our fans for rooting for us and being understanding despite us having been away for a long time.

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Wonder Girls: Back to Korea - Part 2
Reporter : Han Yeo-Wool.
Editor : Jessica Kim.

Girl groups
Sun: A lot of new girl groups appeared in the local music scene while we were absent from it so I looked up videos on all of them which I had a lot of fun watching. And they motivated us in pursuing our activities back home. There were certain things we'd been desiring while preparing our album so we worked even harder. We'd like to end the year well with our album that we worked hard on.

TV cameras
Sohee: We actually did a pre-recording for MBC's "Music Core" just yesterday (November 3) but it was really awkward and hard to know where to look, probably because we haven't been on TV for such a long time. I've come to be more nervous and awkward in front of the camera. But I'm also grateful that I've been able to be reminded of how I used to be nervous when I first debuted.
Sun: We stood in front of the camera for the first time in a while. So it felt a bit awkward although we'd performed at concerts from time to time. Luckily, having performed in various environments helped us make our second studio release. In the past, we were busy just showing what we'd practiced but we've come to enjoy ourselves these days, getting absorbed in the music first.

Girls' Generation
Sun: To start with, they're such beautiful girls. [laughs] They're amazing on stage but fun on entertainment shows as well which I'm envious of. None of us are good speakers or particularly good on entertainment shows. And them being of a different style from us is motivating. We'll be promoting ourselves at the same time for the first time in maybe four, five years so it seems like a lot of people are looking forward to this but we regard ourselves as comrades, not competitors. I'm hoping we'll get to prepare some good performances for the year-end together as well.

Wonder Girls
Sun: It's true that we're not perfect in our choreography, vocals or looks. But we try to do our best for every performance. I think our biggest strength is that men and women of all ages can enjoy our music. We're grateful that people, ranging from little kids to the elderly, know "Nobody."

Teddy Riley
Sun: We were rather surprised that he knew us. And a lot of people know that we lack in many ways, not just Teddy Riley. So that's no surprise. It's just that it came to be known that way because he's so influential. We're rather thankful that he mentioned us in time with our comeback.

Sun: A lot of people have asked us, "You're making your comeback for the first time in a while so hasn't your presence lessened?" But we're hoping to be a presence that will be where we are needed, not where we need to be. It helps that there are still fans of ours in Korea that haven't forgotten about us and want us to pursue our activities in Korea. We gained strength from the responses we saw after our teasers were revealed. I'm sure there'll be a lot of judgement regarding us after our first performance is aired but that too is part of the interest they have in us
so we'll accept it with a humble mindset.

To our fans
Yenny: I think our fans had a really hard time. Their hearts in particular [tears]. Sun Sun Sun Sun: Of all the people in our group, Yenny is the most considerate of our fans. She recently even made a song for our fans while practicing her guitar. I was very moved by it as well. Yenny Yenny Yenny Yenny: I'd like to tell our fans that I truly thank them a lot for waiting for us for such a long time.

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Wonder Girls: 2nd Album - Part 3
Reporter : Han Yeo-Wool.
Editor : Jessica Kim.

"Wonder World"
Yubin: We tried hard to make our comeback with a studio release. We have a lot of good songs so we can't wait for our fans to hear them.
Yenny: This is an album we put a lot of thought into. We actually didn't have enough time to prepare for a studio album so even our producer Park Jin-young said, "Let's go with a single or mini-album and instead raise the level of completion of the songs." But we wanted our fans to see a variety of sides to us. In the past, a lot of people had loved us for our retro image but we felt that they might have gotten sick of it. So we thought hard about how we could present the public with good music while maintaining our style. So this album contains a lot of each member's style.

"Be My Baby"
Yenny: Our title track is very easy to sing and listen to and is on the loveable side. And instead, we wanted to show how we'd improved through our choreography. It may be sophisticated and sexy yet it's also funny in the way that we slap our own bottoms or shake our legs. We also focused on belting out for the song. I think that people will be able to enjoy it with a familiarity to it although it's new.
Sohee: I sing more in this song than I've done for our past title tracks so I felt a lot of pressure while recording and practicing the song. But I'm personally happy and proud of myself for getting to practice more than I used to because of that.

"Nu Shoes"
Yenny: This song will be in our U.S. studio release but we included it in this album as a gift for our fans. Sohee played an important role in this song as well.

"Act Cool" (Feat. San E)
Lim: This is my solo song. I had always wanted to do a song that has a fun beat to it and one that we can dance to with our fans. So I was happy when San E wrote a good song for us and in the style that I wanted. It was also fun to record because it contained honest lyrics.
Yubin: I had fun listening to Lim's song. I feel a bit threatened because she's good at rapping. [laughs]
Lim: Nah, no. We rap in different styles.
Sun: That's even scarier. [laughs]

Yenny: This is the first song to the album and a song I worked on. It's also a song that contains a lot of what I actually feel and we went through a lot of ups and downs to record it. The song came out so late yet we had to record it quickly so we recorded it all day long at a studio outside. [laughs] I've been worried about how people would respond to this song because it's the first time Wonder Girls has done such a trendy club tune but I'm satisfied with it. I didn't go to clubs that often but I had fun everytime we went. A variety of club tunes such as Rihanna's "We Found Love," LMFAO's "Party Rock Anthem," and Pitbull's "Give Me Everything" are popular in the U.S. And I think such club tunes are popular in Korea as well. I'm hoping this song in will become a club tune that women in particular enjoy.

"For a Long Time" ( translated)
Sun: We ended up including only one ballad in the album. It's a song I sang with Yenny and we both incorporated our own styles into this sad song. I'm curious to how our fans will respond to this song since it's the first time we've included this sort of a ballad tune in our album.

"Me, in"
Yubin: I got greedy and wrote the rap to a total of three songs this time. Yenny produced the remake to the song of the same name by Mr. Shin Jung-hwun and suggested I make the rap which I had fun with because I personally like rock music. I've liked rock music since I was young when I listened to it a lot. And I used to listen to Avril Lavigne and Linkin Park in the past but these days I listen a lot to Metallica, Pink Floyd and Deftones.

"Girls Girls"
Yenny: It's a song hoping that all women actively pursue their dreams. I wept while listening to the finished version of this song. We all came this way and I was grateful for the members of our group for staying together. [laughs] That's the sort of song this is so I hope a lot of people listen to it.

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