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標題: [官方圖] [230828] 宣美 “Dreamers’ Way Golden TV” 官方圖 (2P) [打印本頁]

作者: se7en2se7en    時間: 2023-9-7 08:21     標題: [230828] 宣美 “Dreamers’ Way Golden TV” 官方圖 (2P)

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"You can say he is the one who gave an identity to my performance." - Sunmi introduces us to the creative mind of Eehosoo in the latest GoldenTV episode.

作者: se7en2se7en    時間: 2023-9-7 08:23

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Dance and dreams collide in the latest GoldenTV episode, The Dreamers' Way as we meet Juhee the choreographer behind some of SUNMI's signature moves.

作者: se7en2se7en    時間: 2023-9-7 08:25

cr IG @goldengoose

Capturing moments and creating memories with family. Tune into the latest GoldenTV episode as Sunmi and her younger brother Leedong collaborate.

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