GQ Mag interviews (英譯) [新增sunye part]

GQ Mag interviews (英譯) [新增sunye part]


Who is the man who makes your heart thump singing “I’m so charming, and I’m so pretty”?
I still don’t have one, of course. Please try and think about it. I’m still 17 years old. And before I became a singer, I had a training life. Really there isn’t a moment I can have that kind of emotion. Instead my older sisters can have it though.

You said you had older sisters?
I don’t have more than one.

You didn’t say you had more than one?
No. Um… didn’t I say in the interview I didn’t?

If you have five members, who are you close with and who don’t you have a good relations with, I’m curious. Even though I know you’ve answered this before.

Yes, but everyone one of the five people are really close.

Then how about this? If you had to take a both with only one of the remaining four members, who would you go with?
SunMi. Since after all we’re the same age. Truthfully, SunMi and I are still at the age where we’re shy with each other. I think I’d still prefer to go with her.

It’s said that women don’t like to go to the swimming pool or baths with a friend who’s body is better than theirs, is that really true?
Is it? I don’t think my body is bad. Is it?

Ah, it’s really not bad.
Thank you.
Among “Tell Me” and “So Hot”, what song is closer to the music that SoHee wants to do?
The two are very different as you know. During “Tell Me” times, I liked “Tell Me” and now I like “So Hot”.

Besides those two songs, what song matches SoHee’s taste from the two albums?
The song called “You’re Out.” When I first saw the lyrics, I just laughed. Because the words were so right. But then as the words go on, it was cute. Since we’re doing that kind of song, I think we are cuter.

Singer Park JinYoung is heavily invested in Wonder Girls, even though he’s famous as a representative of JYP. What kind of person is he to you? Shall we express it like we’re starting to write a letter with “As~ To~”? Rather than one expression like “president who I respect”.
To our bright PD-nim*.
[*PD = producer; -nim is added at the end of titles to indicate respect]

You call him PD-nim?
Yes, PD-nim. Producer. Even though he was there during my training life, at that time there was almost no work to close to PD-nim, so I really gained feelings of unfriendliness and scariness. But then when I became a singer, we worked together on the albums and were close, so seeing him now PD-nim is extremely bright. Ah, is it okay to dare say these kind of words?

Of course. The general trend is towards SoHee, and so it’s towards the Wonder Girls as you know.
Since PD-nim isn’t living in Korea, there’s a lot of times he finds out late about things that are popular in Korea. You didn’t know this? He says these kind of words sometimes, he’s like a little kid liking it, we already knew though.

For example?
It’s also like a gag program. We already do something, but he just tried it and we laugh about it. Like we already ate this ice cream before, and he eats eat alone, then he says ‘Have you tried this? It’s really delicious’, it goes like that.

It’s not “hot” but it’s enjoyable. Is there a request you have to that bright PD-nim?
We are still young and a girl group, so he really treats us well. Even if we make a mistake, he can’t get angry and swear or hit us. He says ‘I don’t know how we have to do this’.

Even if you make a huge mistake?
Not when you make a big mistake. You can’t sing, and things like this. ‘SoHee, let’s try again’, ‘it goes like this’, he’s like this. But then this kind of talk with a male during my training time, I was really surprised when he talked to G.O.D (Kim) TaeWoo-oppa. They were recording, if he couldn’t sing well, in TaeWoo-oppa’s situation is that he’d get hit and go outside then get yelled at or punished severely, it was like that.

It wasn’t special treatment? Seems like discrimination, this.
PD-nim never worked with singers who are as young as we are. He said we’re like his daughters. Still, even if he got more mad, it’d be okay.

You know how there are so many oppas (older guys) who like SoHee right? What kind of oppa does SoHee like?
For me, he doesn’t have to be the greatest looking, I like people who have charm.

What kind of people have charm?
People who act without even thinking, does it have to be like this? I don’t know. Um… if I chose from male actors, I like Park HaeIl or Ryu DeokHwan.

Those are people who are like me.
Yes, it seems…. Um, like that.

Besides Wonder Girls’ SoHee, just as SoHee, what have you been pondering and thinking about working at?
I have a lot of interest in acting. And so, filming more movies.

What was the movie you saw last?
<Science of Sleep>. It’s made by the director who shot <Eternal Sunshine>. That director has ideas that are very unique. <Science of Sleep> is about how the main character keeps coming and going between dream and reality… oh, if I explain it like this, you won’t be able to understand, but anyways if you watch it you’ll know.

Now at this place, there’s tens of staff members gathered for your interview. Have you thought that this reality is like a dream?
Even though it was a bit awkward in the beginning, now I’m receiving (the attention) comfortably.

You haven’t had this kind of treatment?
Until now I haven’t.

What is the most expensive thing among the items you purchased yourself lately? Even though you didn’t need whatever you bought.
I really don’t shop.

Females like shopping as you know.
I really don’t have time.

But still, you haven’t bought anything?!

You bought it on the Internet?
No. I bought it at a shop that I followed my hair-makeup unnis (older girls) to.

Using your own money?
Of course.

How much?
$100? I bought a set.

Then it could be more expensive. Since it’s a set, it was filled with many things right?
I don’t put on a lot. My skin turned bad recently.

Where did that money come from?
My allowance. Of course.

Your mother gave you? Do you receive allowance as cash or card?
It’s different at times.

$100 is much more than one month allowance for the average high school student?
Is it more?

Do you spend $100 a month?
I don’t really know.

They didn’t teach you how to answer questions like this?
No, never about money.

While wandering about wherever, are there considerable amount of times you buy things personally?
Yes, very often. I go out only with SunMi, so there’s times we eat food. And also times we go personally to the convenience store.

The convenience store workers must be very surprised?
We only go to the one in front of the company.

Do you like “17-year-old Ahn SoHee”?
I’m not completely satisfied. Since this isn’t the end.

What more is there?
I don’t know right now. Since everything that follows is different.

What you want to do and what your company wishes could be different as you know.
It’s not that they think we’re young. As we are up as idols, there are a lot of situations where they tell us to only do as ordered. There really are times we want to do it, and there are times we don’t want to. Our company asks us for our opinion first. That’s how we choose a movie. And it’s the same for the album concept too.

You don’t get to participate in the process of writing the song as you know. Does that make you depressed?
Oh, for now (it’s like that). Because we are still rookies more than is thought.

Since you hear that you’re pretty a lot, haven’t you gotten sick of it?
I didn’t get sick of it. If someone says I’m pretty, I tend to say ‘not me’. Truthfully I don’t have a really pretty face. I think a pretty face has to have big eyes and be like a doll.

You’re like a doll.
[I realized that the “no” seems abrupt. But “no” in Korean in these cases is more like a “oh no… not really” kind of feeling. So please don’t misunderstand when we translators put it abruptly like that. There’s context to it.]

Among the latest things you did, is there something only you know about? Lee HyoRi sometimes wears a hat and goes mountain-climbing.
Oh, I wandered around the neighborhood.

Why the neighborhood?
Because only staying at home is frustrating. Anyway, my friends had things to go to. And so I went for a walk.

Wearing a hat?
No just going. There are people who recognize me.

It’s not annoying to have people recognizing you?
Really in the beginning that stuff was a bit awkward, but since later we don’t have private lives, I got a bit irritated. Now I just think about it comfortably.

Fin.K.L, SES, Baby V.O.X… right now there isn’t one group left. If a girl group loses its “freshness”, then it’s the end. Even getting Botox, can the Wonder Girls stay as girls forever? Of course, you must’ve received this kind of question 20,000 times before.
How long the Wonder Girls will last until, even we don’t know. More than thinking those kind of thoughts, I want to complete reality. And so it seems like this time will go on for a while longer.

Since it’s said that the five of you have a relationship that is very friendly and sincere, it does seem like it can go on a long time.
It does. However, by no means do we completely not fight? We don’t hit or push, but there are times when the difference in our opinions is serious. If I think like this and someone says no to it, then I get a bit angry. But even if we quarrel a bit, when we eat, we naturally release (the anger).

Even adults fight, so are there teenage girls who don’t fight?
SunYe, SunMi, and I trained together, so we know what each other doesn’t like and what we do like. And so, there’s not really any quarrels.

So then do the last two unnis (YooBin and YeEun) quarrel?
But then YooBin-unni and YeEun-unni are unnis like you said. And so they are more comfortable confronting each other. As the dongsaeng (younger one), the unnis give me a lot of understanding.

Eh, that doesn’t seem true.
What, it’s right!

credits: wgjjang.wordpress.com

(please credit Jang Jin Taek @ byulha daum who edited the Korean version + me (wonderkid) for translating)


1) Do you remember the first time you met the other 5 members?

I was the last member picked. Since I was older than them it was kind of awkward because they would use formal language around me. They were so pretty. Leader Sunye was very friendly from the moment we met because, she had a lot of experience and trained the longest. She took care of me and told me “Let’s do our best!” I remember Sun mi being awkward; she looked at me as if to say, “Who is that unnie?” Since Sohee is slightly introverted, in a shy voice she said “hello” but she didn’t open herself up to me easily. When I first met Yoobin unnie, the only thing I remember is thinking that she was very skinny. Yoobin also looked very pure, I heard a lot about how she trained with another entertainment company.

2) What’s the difference between WG’s Yeeun and the Yeeun from before (debut)?

From before, singing was everything to me. As a student I studied hard but it wasn’t to the point where I would risk my life for good grades.

3) You didn’t risk your life for good grades but you were still the #1 student? You’re going to get “anti’s.”

I know. haha. Ever since I was young I only had one dream. I really wanted to become a singer. I went to a lot of auditions and got rejected many times, but one day I got picked. It was all very sudden; I was a senior in high school. I was on the verge of quitting when I went to the audition. I went thinking that If I didn’t pass this audition I’m just going to focus on my studies and with that mindset I got picked. After that I often felt like I wasn’t good enough. My dancing isn’t that great, I’m not that good looking, and to add to that I knew nothing about the industry at that time. Since I debuted after training for just about a month, everything was hard. Now, after a year and 5 months, I think I have become more accustomed.

4) I saw your audition clip from when you were a freshman in high school. I really liked your vocals.

I like artists like Whitney Houston, Lauryn Hill, and Aretha Franklin. But I’m in a group now. So, instead of finding my own unique style, I am working hard as a member of WG. Group activities are fun but I have not forgotten about my own goals.

5) When do you think the end of “Wonder Girls” is? Do you think you can make it to <Gayo Stage> (a famous old show where senior singers from the 70’s 80’s sing)?

Um, these days I think the word “hae chae” (break up) is meaningless. Because members do their own individual activities like acting, solo, variety show, mc and etc. while doing group activities. If I have the chance, I want to make an album that showcases my unique style. I never thought about acting or doing anything else.

6) What do you think will happen to Wonder Girls in the future?

Honestly, I don’t think I can make a prediction. I didn’t know we were going to be this loved so fast from the beginning and have so many doors opened to us. Also, in a spam of 1 year, so many things have happened to us. So I’m also looking forward to our future.

7) What did your parents say when you said you wanted to become a singer?
They really didn’t like it. My mom and dad are both pastors. They were really upset. My mom raised me very freely, she even allowed me to meet my boyfriend, but when I told her that I wanted to become a singer she was totally against it.

Do you have a boyfriend?
Nope. After I passed my audition I broke all ties with my boyfriend.

9) Did a guy ever make a move on pretty Yeeun?
Never. Not even once.

10) What if a decent guy were to make a move on you?

But right now is not the time to have a boyfriend. I have a long way to go so if I happen to meet a nice guy along the way I don’t it would be too late (to romance).

11) There are five girl members. For that reason, I’m more curious what you girls do when you girls are not on stage.

We live together in an apartment. Sun mi’s family lives in “kyung joo” so she goes down there during the weekends but the other members usually rotate from staying at their home to chilling in the apt dorm.

12) I don’t think you like to have your privacy exploited. Is there a member that you can take a bath with?

I can take a bath with any of the members. Since I live with them and have seen them naked before.
(in Korean the question and answer sound more PG13 than R rated^^)

13) What do you girls talk about before you go to sleep?

We talk about the performance we had that day. Since we go to a lot of events, we talk about the problems we had or how the floor was a slippery, things like that.

14) So it’s all “business” related?

I don’t think we have a choice. If we don’t work, we talk about a fun new movie that’s out, a funny picture we found on the internet, and etc.

15) Do you girls go out and watch movies?

Sometimes. There are times when all five members go out together and other times when only three or four of us can go out.

16) What do you wear then?

We just dress casually. Since there aren’t a lot of people out, we just wear hats. There are people that recognize us but it has never gotten out of hand.

17) What’s the last movie you saw?

<Kung Fu Panda> I downloaded and watched it. oh, actually can you edit that.

1  Illegal downloading? JYP is not going to like this. Last month he had a whole press conference about how bad illegal downloading is. tsk tsk

Ah, can you edit that out. The movie I went to go see was <Speed Racer>. We watched it because Bi/Rain sunbae (senior) was starring in it and our managers are close with Bi/Rain oppa. I enjoyed watching the movie.

19) The Wonder Girls only have 2 hit songs, “Tell Me” and “So Hot”. You have any other songs? Or was it all strategically planned?

Rather than saying it was strategical, we had no plans of promoting another song after “Tell Me.” But since “Tell Me’ was such a hit, that’s why we promoted it longer. We also promoted “Ee Babo” for a little while. After that we decided that we wanted to rest for a while so that’s why we stopped activities. And since we are promoting a single album this time, we only had plans to promote “So Hot.”

20) Out of the 2 songs (“Tell me” and “So hot”), which song do you think fits you better?

“Tell me” and “So hot” are both great songs, but I don’t think they really go well with me. “Tell me” is a song that fits well with cute girls like Sohee and Sun Mi. “So hot” fits well with Yoobin and Sunye, the sexy members of the group.

21) Then what’s the song that fits you best?

A ballad song called “This Time” from our new album.

22) What do you call Park Jin Young?

I call him PD-nim

23) What if you were to add something after that? (like –oppa or –uncle)

I have never though about that. Um, I think JYP-best of the best. I wouldn’t say he’s god-like, but he is an incredible person. Apart from work, he’s like an uncle or a big brother to me.

24) Apart from being Wonder Girls’s Yeeun, are their problems/thoughts that stress you out as a normal person?

Of course. I have problems with my family, my friends, and etc.

25) What kind of problems do you have in your household?

There’s always a fight happening whenever I’m not home. My sister and mom frequently fight so they call me often. However they’re not big fights.

Personally, the thought that crosses my mind a lot is the music I want to do in the future, and have therefore been studying music composition. I write music in school, and have been writing music on my own now. When I presented JYP my first composition, he said I did great for it being my first time and told be to work harder. I’m not sure if he’s going to put my songs on the new album or not.

26) Is there an instrument you can play?

The piano. I started playing it so I have something to accompany my voice when I sing, so I can’t really play it well.

27) Is there any other instrument you can play?

The violin. I can’t play it well. I also play the flute, but only a little.

2  What is the most expensive purchase you made recently?

A laptop. I bought it so I could compose music in it. The “Mac Air” was too thin and expensive and inefficient so I just bought a Mac book.

29) How?

With my own money.

30) Do you get paid a lot of money?

I’m not sure. My mom deals with that. But I don’t really have a reason to get money from my mom, it’s not like I have time to shop or play. It’s been a while since the last time I received money from her. I don’t even have to pay for food.

31) Then how do you eat?

My manager oppa pays for food most of the time; we either eat out or order in food.

32) Do you eat in the street from street vendors too?

No, I don’t think I ever ate in the street before. If I want to eat “dduk-book-ki” (spicy rice cake dish) from street vendors I ask my manager to buy it and we eat inside the car.

33) Do you like yourself?

There are things I like about myself and things I don’t like about myself.

34) What do you have inside that big bag of yours?

It’s very messy. Inside I have a hair band, “MR CD” which I use to practice singing, headphones, my iPod, and fan letters.

35) Do you have time to study for school these days?

I took an exam a few days ago. It was really hard.

36) Don’t the school officials don’t give you a break (since your a singer)?

They let me miss a few classes if my schedule clashes over with my classes, but I can’t miss any of the exams. I missed an exam once and my grades “plummeted.” There have been times when I got a C+.

37) It must be hard to plan your classes according to your schedule.

There have been times when the members had to go on TV programs without me.

3  How did you spend your birthday?

As soon as our 2nd single album came out in May, we were very busy. I had a party with the other members at first but then my family came and threw me a surprise party.

39) What kind of clothes are you going to wear this summer?

I really don’t like hot weather. I just wear t-shirt with shorts.

40) Yeeun, your very lucky. You became a member without going through a training period.

I know. A week after I became a member I started shooting photos for the album cover.

41) It’s because your parents prayed for you.

No. My mom and dad probably prayed for me to not become a singer.

credits: Jang Jin Taek @ byulha daum & wonderkid@spectacle




9月2新增...係sunye part

I have some anxiety. SunYe, you are the team leader who received instruction from an agency for 6 years, and so your answers will be similar to a press release I think. Am I bad (for thinking so)?
You aren’t bad of course.

What kind of person is SunYe?
I’m doing the work I want to be doing. If I really believe in something, I get a strength that you don’t know where it comes out from.

See that. That’s press release style you know.
Haha. What kind of person I am is like that, I’m a complex person. My personality is in the middle of all these things.
And my character is to always be planning. While on the move, a 30-minute opening comes, then ‘What shall we do? Will doing this thing be good?’ I don’t know if others see it has tiring, but things like matching pieces and arranging are fun.

Like Tetris?
Yes, I’m good at only games like Tetris.

You are among girls as you know. I guess you must have guy talk too right?
Really the kids are frank, but even if it’s really frustrating we don’t do guy talk well. Since we’re still young, it seems like that.

As the unni (older sister/girl), when listening do you think they seem really young?
No, I also chime in with the others, haha.

Is there a guy who makes SunYe’s heart thump?
Um, I’m not sure.

What kind of friend is Park TaeHwan?
TaeHwan is nice. Even though he is a guy, it’s rare for a friend around my age to come out into what is called ‘SaHwe (Society)’. One of the many things I consult with that friend on is things that I experience in society. Even though our fields are different, if I open up my heart about my troubles, that friend will understand. That is very wonderful. Even if he can talk to girls about anything, there is a limit that he can sympathize of course. And then, he’s a guy but he’s not to be deterred, since TaeHwan is like that, it’s good of course.

What you call, deep-thinking friend?

Well then, Park JinYoung is?
Alcohol friend?

There is what you call ‘WonSeongSam’ that means ‘Wonder Girls SeongIn SamChongSa (Wonder Girls Adult Trio’. (Park JinYoung) PD-nim seemed very happy at us becoming adults. Even when we went to the club for the first time, it was because PD-nim said ‘let’s go’. The time has really passed, in the past he was just the scary boss, but now while drinking alcohol next to him, we can also talk about life. And we also learned about alcohol from PD-nim.

Do you drink well?
Even drinking only half a bottle of beer, my head got dizzy….

How is the song?
Is it okay to listen to your own voice? From my training days, my complex was that I had no energy in my own body. There was also talk of Oriental herbal medicine. From when I was born, I heard that I had no body strength. And so the changing of seasons is very hard. While in development of a song, even I don’t know the turn of it, so when we’re going over it, there is something lacking … Ah, but then what is the question? I don’t know. Haha. I’m like this.

What were you talking about with the listening SunYe?
Aa, what was it? There is no depth in my voice and I think as you listen you become tired of it… even though I try to overcome it and I trouble about it a lot, I can also forget about it in moments. While recording my first solo song, I was very sick. If you try and listen, you can hear a nasal sound (in my voice). Anyway, since it we finished in one recording, I focused really hard. Fortunately the main response was good, so I felt that if I just did it I could do it.

You will slowly understand what songs match you, and you will sing those songs. You don’t need to have that kind of complex.
I think I should do a mind consultation. Is that good?

If you do that, then talk about Wonder Girls’ live abilities won’t come out. Even when I watched, you can see a lot of things lacking. Since you are trying to focus on singing while dancing…
No. If that kind of talk didn’t come out then we’d have to do well.

Whether it’s an atmosphere compelled by an absolute live (performance), or the negatively-viewed lip syncing, how do you compose yourself?
To be honest, lip syncing is harder. Whether the so-called ‘BbikSaRi’** came or your breathing was short, at that each lyric there’s an expression you want to have; if you lip sync then that expression doesn’t come out well. Even if you rest your throat (by lip syncing), it’s more comfortable singing live.
[**BbikSaRi' - when you go an octave above without knowing in a single moment]

If you had to choose, would you go to Jeju Island to experience Jeju women divers’ work or go hiking the JiRi Mountain course?
I think hiking the JiRi Mountain course would be good.

Are you scared of the water?
Even though I lived by beach for 10 years, water is scary.

You are the team leader you know. What kind of leader are you?
I’m an insufficient leader. I always feel like that.

Do your members also feel that way?
Probably like that? I think (JYP) PD-nim thinks that I should care well for the others like I took care of myself when training for 6 years, but my thoughts were a bit different. What I mean is that I learned by training myself and reading extensively for myself, but other people don’t learn that way. Even at home, because I grew up as the granddaughter, I may have a selfish side that even I don’t know about. I’m way older than other members but I’m also not an old person… I worry a lot. I still feel like I’m lacking.

You think even your looks are lacking?

Really? I planned to ask you if you were tired of the words ‘you’re pretty’.
Words that ‘you are pretty’? Am I tired of it? I haven’t heard it enough to be tired! Hahaha.

Do you also have places you would want to have plastic surgery?
Of course. From when I was younger, I had those kind of thoughts, it really seems like GongJooByung. It’s a thing I inherited, but my face is a bit asymmetrical, so I receive stress from it.

Isn’t that kind of thing add charisma?
Oh, no. And it’s fixing the contours of the face so… truthfully, I also tried to find out about it. But then I heard it takes two months to heal. If it’s two months, then that’s time to do one single album’s activities and stop.

Please don’t do those two months.
Haha, ah, okay.

Are you making as much as money as to your content?
From when I was younger, I grew up receiving help from the community, so I think I have to make a lot of money later so I can pay them back. I think it’s not a question of how many millions I can make, but rather to be happy by helping those you can. I don’t think you can be happy by simply only making money.

If you receive $10, don’t you want to receive $10 more.
Haha, if it’s a lot, then it’s good in a way. From “Tell Me” we earned money… there’s that. Whatever I earn, it’s the confidence that I keep?

What do you do when you have a free day?
I’m busy sleeping? Even though I can’t sleep, there are times we ride in the car and go out. We just go out and come back.

Do you step on it?
I don’t step on it. But then, there’s a more drastic one. I can’t step on it. I’m blood type A.
[Blood types - Koreans have characteristics that are associated with certain blood types. Hence the movie "My Boyfriend is Type B".]

Like a cart ride, do you sway this way and that way with freedom?
Yes, haha. For me with speed.

The Wonder Girls are speeding right now.
However I know there’s nothing you can do for a lifetime. But then, you don’t know if the name Min SunYe is possible too. If there’s no modle, then it seems lonely. I don’t ride loneliness well. And there’s no model. I can find myself in the heart of those people’s words better than just becoming what I have to from happily reading an autiobiography. Even though I respect Beyonce, I don’t want to become like her. And if I think this thought, then I can cleanly stop wherever I go.

Right now, in this moment, who is Min SunYe’s rival?

I knew it was that. Press-release style. Do you like 20-year-old Min SunYe?
If I don’t love myself, it’s because it’s the end.

No, ‘because it’s the end’, not this kind of words, but ‘just love (myself)’, like this.
Yes, I love myself.

What are you going to wear and go around in this coming summer?
Um, performance clothes?

Like that, those pants look very hot though.






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