HK Wonderful Club 規則
HK Wonderful Club rules

Hope each members can read it carefully & know these rules~

1. Not allow use words to attack others(stars & members)
2.請盡量不要有太過明顯的灌水行為,例如:::「let me see /多謝分享/see see/cccccccc/thanks for share/想看喔想看喔」等等,或甚至用表情符號或在每個帖子都回覆一模一樣的留言
2. Hope will not see the reply msg like "let me c c/ Thanks for share/see see/ cccccccccccccc" OR using the smiling cartoons to reply it
3. Too much msg like number 2 that mentioned, will hv pm reminder & can be delete the account or ban IP / leaving msgs.
4. Any double posts will be deleted or moving by admins
5.有任何的帖子刪除 、合併或移動等也不會另行通知
5. If there hv any posts that delete maybe no pm reminder.
6. Any information which from WGHK , pls remarked the source to WGHK
7. Pls don't push too much posts which are 2/3 month ago.
8.為尊重Wonder Girls, 一律不准公開索求Wonder Girls專輯的mp3 / wma ,如有類似帖子會刪除而不作通告~~
8. To respect Wonder Girls, WGHK are not allowed to post any mp3 about Wonder Girls ablum. They will be delete if there have.
支持Wonder Girls, 請買正版~
Support Wonder Girls, Please go to buy their real CD~~ not the fake CD!

9.申請id時,請勿以Wonder Girls成員為名,以免令其他Wonderful造成起哄,如有發現會被取消用戶
9.Applying ID, pls not to use Wonder Girls members' name to register. They will be delete if we have seen them.
10. Not using WGHK to do any business usage.

希望新加入的會員能多發言,請到此帖新人報到.. 可被加5 wonder ^^
Hope the new member can reply more, pls go to this post to leave a msg. It can be add 5 wonder ^^
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